Issues & Priorities

Protect Local Control

The liberal elites in Seattle and Olympia have been successful in getting their harmful ideologies and beliefs implemented into our local schools. The values they hold are far different than those of the citizens of the 24th Legislative District, but the Democrats simply do not care.

Indeed, not only do they not care, but with the help of the Federal Department of Justice, they have used their power to try to scare parents across the nation into silence by threatening to investigate them for “domestic terrorism”. Simply because they want their voices to be heard.

When Matthew gets to Olympia, he will fight to return our schools to local control. Communities have the right to not only know what is being taught to their children, but to be able to voice their opinions without fear of persecution from the government.

Oppose Higher Taxes

In a day and age where inflation is draining our bank accounts more and more, with people struggling to put gas in their vehicles, and food on the table, the Democrats want to take even more money out of our pockets by increasing our taxes. Mike Chapman is on record stating he is for increasing the gas tax, and the Democrats also want to implement an income tax, and even a mileage tax.

Yet, they sent $500,000,000 to a Prince in Nigeria….and didn’t hold anyone accountable.

Matthew will fight not only against any tax increase, but he will also fight FOR taxes to be lowered. He knows we all work hard for our money, and he believes we should be able to keep as much of it as possible.

Keep Our Community Safe

In 2021, the Democrats showed they were deep in the pockets of the Anti-fa/BLM and were eager to do their bidding. As the streets of Seattle were on fire, and the CHAZ/CHOP zone was being run by crimelords, Mike Chapman’s Democrats were busy crafting legislation that tied the hands of law enforcement and made it harder for them to be able to protect and defend the citizens of this great state.

As a retired Federal Law Enforcement Officer, Matthew Rainwater knows how dangerous the job is. He has experienced the need to make split-second decisions that can impact a persons’ life forever. Matthew will stand up for the men and women in Law Enforcement, and will always honor those who choose to put their lives on the line every day.